Pottery + 3D printing

By combining tradition and innovation and regaining our self-sufficiency, this workshop will see us reinterpret two objects which define Basque cooking.
Our starting point will be the idazkia – or iragazkia – and the abatza. The first piece is a wooden, funnel-shaped sieve which is used to strain milk. Nettles have traditionally been used as a filter, although ferns and sheep’s wool have also been used. The idazkia fits on top of the abatza, which is the container used to store the strained milk. This is the method that has commonly been used as an initial step in the process of cheesemaking.

/Picture 2/ Iragazkia. San Telmo Museum , Donostia-San Sebastián.

/Picture 3/ Abatza. San Telmo Museum , Donostia-San Sebastián.

/Picture 4/ Abatza. Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa. Gordailua.

During the workshop, we will be printing a piece inspired by the idazkia in 3D and Igor will explain the steps we need to follow. In the meantime, after each participant has printed their idazkia, Blanka will help them use the clay to make the other piece, i.e. their own version of the abatza. Those taking part will learn two basic techniques: coiling and working with the potter’s wheel. They will also get to grips with different materials, baking techniques, resistances, enamels and finishes. The containers will be enamelled on the inside, Blanka will bake them and they will be delivered to the participants’ homes a few days later.


19 September, 10:00-14:00


Ollerías – Basque Pottery Museum

Who is the course for?

Anybody who wants to learn and experiment.
Bº Ollerías, 9
01510 Murgia (Alava)
Participants don’t need to have experience of any of the disciplines involved.
Over 18s only
Places: 8-10


Basque and/or Spanish.

How to register

Anybody who is interested should send an email to info@kinkaobjects.com with their name and surname(s) and a contact telephone number.