Mikel Enrique

Mikel has created the kinka web page. A freelance Graphic & Web Designer, he has worked previously for the companies S21sec, … +

Jabier Rodriguez

Jabi has created the kinka image, including the design of the website and the packaging. He has a great passion … +

Contxi Maoño

Contxi creates pieces that are unique and also in series, with moulds and different materials, such as ceramic, acrylic or … +

Ibu 3d

Using computer graphics, Iñaki creates the modelling of any object for getting photorealistic images of it or for printing it … +


Idoia makes unique ceramic pieces by hand. She uses different types of clay, at both low and high temperature, working … +

Potingues Verdes Vivos

Laura makes healing ointments and natural and organic cosmetic products, attempting to recover ancient wisdom.


Koldo offers a 3D prototype printing service. He facilitates the creative and production process, making ideas mature and grow into … +

Bronzeder S.C.

Joseba devotes himself to the casting of artistic pieces in bronze using the lost-wax method. He creates large, medium and … +

Blanka Gómez de Segura

In 1993, Blanka, together with her family, rehabilitated the old pottery factory of José Ortiz de Zárate and turned it … +

Amaia Estanga

Amaia creates unique and exclusive prints, using different techniques of design, printing and textile printing: screen printing, digital printing, manual … +