Argitaula is a small table or chair made with a single piece of wood and brass legs. Thanks to the clamp, these legs can be used with other boards of different thicknesses and lengths. In the middle part there is a space for accessories. It is proposed that some of them provide lighting in one way or another.

The argizaiola, composed by the words argi-zari-ola, i.e., by light–wax-board, is a wood board where the wax is screwed on to take the house’s light to the tomb located inside the church. The most well-known are anthropomorphic and with carved wood, but there are others, which come after these and are simpler, with small legs on one or both sides of the board.

One of the aims of this work has been to test brass welding. On the other hand, after finding this oak piece, from a curved and sawn item, it has been shortened and hollowed out for this new function.


Oak wood from demolition


Carpintería Mella, Donostia
Talleres Arbizu, Artesanía de la Forja, Etxauri
Zeramix, Donostia


Unique item