Container for tobacco plant essence

The aim is to experiment with the relationship between memory and aroma, taking into account the capacity of the sense of smell to activate the former.

/Film 1 and 2/ Rentas de tabaco. Fragments of the documentary. With the consent of the Mediateca del Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente.

After an initial analysis of the objects that have been part of the interior of the Tabacalera building, in March 2015 and for the 3rd Open Call for Projects by Hirikilabs from the Tabakalera International Contemporary Culture Centre, there were proposals to recover the smell of tobacco that some people from around the Egia neighbourhood can still remember.
To do so, the proposal is to build, first of all, a still to extract the essential oil from the plant and a second workshop where this oil is turned into an essence to use it as an air freshener inside the building.

Although finally the project has not been chosen to be carried out at Hirikilabs Plaza, part of it has been completed. The container for the essential oil has been made by combining traditional and digital techniques. Once the design and drawings have been made in 3D, the container has been printed at Hirikilabs in ABS. Using this container as a model, the plaster mold has been made.

Later, the slipcasting technique has been applied. The containers are fired at 980 degrees centigrade, glazed with a gun and fired again at 1250 degrees.


Plaster for the mold
Powdered porcelain
Glaze made by Zeramix


Hirikilabs, Donostia
Ibu3D, Donostia
ACC Técnicas de Escultura, Bilbo
Zeramix, Donostia


Itziar Salegi, Donostia (Aromatherapy)
Maddalen Marzol, Donostia (Perfumer)


Several items.

Digital archive of the container in open source format at Hirikilabs