They drank the milk from wood

The oporra is the bowl that shepherds and colliers would use when having milk with corn cake forbreakfast. It is normally made from birch. Wood is an ideal material because it is light and can withstand knocks. It normally has one single handle with a round hole, and rope can be threaded through this in order to hang the piece. The item is shaped like a cylinder or inverted truncated cone. It is slightly slanted and can hold anywhere between a quarter of a litre at and half to one litre. Its size can vary between 11 and 13 centimetres.

ora is made entirely by hand. When creating the family which includes kua, ora and aba, the designers have explored the traditional Basque pottery technique of applying white enamel to the stoneware, as this increases resistance and gets the best out of the piece. After carrying out various tests via the quick prototyping offered by 3D printing and adjusting the dimensions of the piece, the focus then moved on to the feel of the item. Taking advantage of the rough textured stoneware seen on the handles, the parts which may come into contact with liquids have been glazed. As the piece is slanted, it features plates that have been cut using a template. The handles have been added later. In this initial series of thirty units, the ceramic grogged stoneware has been baked at 1,000 °C and, once the glaze has been applied, it is then heated at 1,250 °C.


Stoneware and white enamel in the style of traditional Basque pottery


kinka & Blanka Gómez de Segura


Museo -Taller de la Alfarería Vasca, Ollerías, Álava




70 x 70 x 70 mm